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Introducing Jess Glass, your veraciously outspoken talent for all things voiceover and beyond at!

With a voice that can mesmerize, Jess is not just a voiceover artist but also a blogger, proofreading expert, on-camera personality, graphic design enthusiast, website design wizard, and a passionate advocate for small businesses.

Jess's veracious outspokenness breathes life into words, whether in spoken form or written, and their keen eye for detail ensures your content is flawless. From captivating on-camera performances to crafting stunning visuals and functional websites, Jess's creativity knows no bounds. Their commitment to helping small businesses thrive makes them your ultimate partner in enhancing your brand's presence.


Discover the endless possibilities of the veracious word with Jess Glass – a talent that knows no conventional bounds.

I worked with Jess @ Spoken Glass on a voiceover for a video series we did and couldn't be happier. Not only did the voiceover come out perfectly but she was able to make many suggestions that really improved the overall video. I would highly recommend Jess and team.

Brian P.

Owner, Playtime Advantage LLC

Services Offered

Female Voice Over Artist

From smooth soft-sells, to upbeat girl-next-door, to approachable best friend/mom, Jess's vocal talents are "natural" and "engaging" - perfect for your Commercials, Ads, Telephony, and  Audiobook needs.

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Hawaiian Healing Skin Care

On-location shoots, green screen, monthly unscripted promos, and more.



Writing and researching have been a passion of Jess's since she was 8 years old, writing her first novella. Today, she researches anything from all-natural products and ingredients to human right's issues- and then writes about it. 

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